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Tip of the Week – Focus on Permaculture

You may have heard of Permaculture and wonder what it is. Permaculture is a system for gardening, horticulture or agriculture that keeps the system  in balance by using ways that do not deplete the earths natural resources. There are guidelines for permaculture. We will give you a few. 1.Is Permaculture for You? Some treat permaculture […]

Tip of the Week – Focus on Diabetes Plant

DIABETES PLANT SAMBUNG (Gynura procumbens) Notes from Isabelle Shippard It is a hardy perennial, of the Asteraceae family to which daisies belong, and includes many plants useful to man, eg. German chamomile, echinacea, sunflower, calendula, dandelion and St. Mary’s thistle. The plant is well known in South East Asia, with folklore medicinal uses in China, […]

Tip of the Week – Fern Propagation from Spores

Ferns are an amazing and very diverse group with over 10,000 species. Their differing structures have evolved over 360 million years. They are vascular plants which means they have a vascular system for transporting nutrients and water as do the flowering plants (angiosperms) and cone bearing plants (gymnosperms). Because of this vascular plants can evolve […]

Tip of the Week – Vermicaste and How to Use it

Did you know applying vermicaste (worm poo) onto your plants is very beneficial to them…& even more so during winter. You rarely hear about this because the big fertiliser companies have all the advertising dollars & also pay the ‘garden gurus’ …yes they need to get paid. Vermicaste has billions of beneficial plant microbes that […]