Paradise Favourite Inspirational Websites to Glory

Paradise Inspirational Websites to Glory…Our Favourites

You have arrived at our special page with links to what we believe are especially inspiring websites. They are widely divergent. Don’t be put off if you don’t like the sound of some because we don’t have to agree on everything do we or it would be a boring world if we were all clones of each other!! Occasionally we will add a new one.

Please Note; Rather importantly to us this page is not a series of reciprocal links where ‘I will advertise your website if you advertise mine’. We do not ask for a return link. We know its not good business to send your clients away from your website either but it does seem the right thing to do.. ie to promote the inspirational people in our world.


Sarina Stone is a rare website teaching emotional and physical health in the Tao tradition. Sarina says ‘Years ago, a famous Medical Chi Kung (Qigong) Master named Mantak Chia taught me that my emotions affected everything, including my health.  He showed me that a little movement and a gentle smile could change my day, my life and the lives of people around me. I was so impressed that these methods actually worked that I studied with Master Chia for 18 years and developed these products for others in their quest for radiant health and emotional balance.’


Natural Pain Relief

…..a book By Shinzen Young. ISBN 978-1-60407-088-0

Also downloads at ……
This could be the greatest little book you ever read……  complete with a guided meditation CD  which shows you exactly how to control your physical and/or psychological pain. Also applies to sports people reaching higher levels of pain tolerance. Shinzen Young is a  world famous meditation teacher and scholar who has spent decades guiding others through their chronic and acute pain issues. You can buy this book and CD together from for only $30.


Lilou Mace TV

Lilou does video interviews and posts on YouTube. Lilou is an amazing lady who travels the world seeking out some of its most interesting subjects and characters. No topic is barred from her repetoire. Interviews people you would never expect. …looking for explanations of some of the worlds mysteries.


Bobby Dazzler Newsletter & Blog

Great stories and photos of the outback in the Bobby Dazzler Newsletter. Go to the blog above and subscribe to the two monthly newsletter. Its fun and informative. Keep in touch with the real Australia. Rob Brennan also does personalised outback tours.


Nicola Newman

This down to earth and knowledgeable lady will inspire you to grow your own food in a practical and healthy way. Lots of free info & videos this lady is a funny entrepreneurial free spirit and she has gardening courses as well. You might  be interested in her business development course. Also a talented artist. Here is a gift from the heavens for you!!


A Bugfree Mind

An awesome world reknowned site by Andy Shaw. As far as releasing those self limiting subconscious beliefs and fears that hold you back this is the best of the best. Get the first five chapters of his book ‘Creating a Bug Free Mind’ for free. Great website with customer two way feedback, training videos and audios.


The Philosophers Notes

Summarizes many of the worlds best books in audio and pdf. More wisdom in less time.
Brian Johnson is very easy to listen to and brings out the big points that you will remember..This was listed by Marie Clair Magazines as its second most favourite thing!


KK’s Holistic Veterinary Service

Here is a woman trained in Veterinary Science the western way who became inspired by results doing Veterinary Science the Eastern way using Chinese Herbs, acupunctoure and everyday foods. Dr. Kaori Kanemitsu Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Certified Veterinary Chinese Herbalist,International Veterinary Acupuncturist (Chi & IVAS).Registered for the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland…. KK has many cardiac & cancer clients. If western medicine has given up try KK.


Daves Garden

This is a US based website which has stacks of growing info on a wide range of plants. It has comments from growers about the plant in their own climate zone. The US has all the climate zones we have so you can check whether the plant will grow in your area by comparing your climatic zone with the grower. Very useful info to be had from gardeners like you.



Quora is built by people like you who write answers to share their knowledge. When you register you tell them if you have a particular field of expertise. You can read millions of fascinating answers about every subject.


Meditate deeper than a zen monk

Centrepoint Research has developed this very of giving you a very deep meditation every time. Use this and your normal meditations will become so much deeper also. A series of some 12 levels on CD’s you will improve  your happiness and flow, creativity, stress handling, accelerated healing of unresolved mental and emotional blocks. The CDs are expensive but they work!!

Abraham is the name Esther Hicks uses as she conduits (channels) several spiritual beings. She is an inspirational speaker with a message for everyone….but only if you are open to a spiritual mindset. Have a listen if you are not open to it, anyway…. be daring! It’s interesting and very practical. Just go to Youtube and dial up Abraham Hicks…there are many sessions of her seminars. Good Value for free.