Tip of the Week – How to make a Terrarium

Natural Beauty Inside

Terrariums are a fantastic way of keeping plants indoors for an artistic display of nature. The idea is to experiment with the colours, textures & heights of your plants until you get an arrangement that appeals to you. You can also blend moss, rock, water & wood into your masterpiece.

Terrariums keep the air humid & the growing material moist for a wide variety of plants that may require those conditions. The plants need to be small depending on the size of your Terrarium which can be from the size of a large wine glass to a huge tank. Here are a few plants suitable for terrariums: Small Bromeliads like Cryptanthus, Tillandsia & Dyckia, Dieffenbachia, Cactus, Carnivorous, Elephant Tree, Ferns, Crotons, Figs, Pine Seedlings, Peperomia, African Violets, Orchids, Anthurium, Aglaonema and more.

Where to get your Terrarium

Get something suitable for a Terranium like an old Fish Aquarium or big plastic or glass case or a huge goblet OR get some flat perspex/glass & stick the pieces together.

How to Prepare Your Terrarium (see our Video above)

1. Get some fine clean pretty gravel and lay it about 30mm thick.Lay a thin layer of charcoal. Lay 40mm of well drained potting mix.

2. Lay a thin trail of magic crystals to retain water just below the potting mix..

3. Lay some green moss or dry died sphagnum about 30 mm thick. This improves the look but is also a good substrate for the plant to grow in.

4. Select your plants. Remember there are no rules….just about any mini plant is suitable. Its just got to appeal to your eye in the mix you create….also think about bonsai types & woody plants.

5. The plants must come out of their pots.
You then prune the roots back to a strong ball & dip in magic crystals & plant into the moss,potting mix & gravel.

6. Remember to experiment with your plants before you remove them from their pot.

7. Moisten once and mist with warm water weekly or as required.

8. Probably a good place for some small lizards to enjoy life!

Produced by Paradise Distributors – Bob Chalmers 28/05/2013

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