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Tip of the Week – Fern Propagation from Spores

Ferns are an amazing and very diverse group with over 10,000 species. Their differing structures have evolved over 360 million years. They are vascular plants which means they have a vascular system for transporting nutrients and water as do the flowering plants (angiosperms) and cone bearing plants (gymnosperms). Because of this vascular plants can evolve […]

Tip of the Week – Focus on Maidenhair Ferns

Maidenhair Ferns all belong to the Genus Adiantum…there are about 200 species and within the species an amazing array of different cultivars. The leaves/foliage can be layered, cut back, tasselled, variegated, lime green, dark green, light green, pink/red tipped,serrated, scalloped, large, tiny. They can be black stemmed, tall upright, tall weeping, compact weeping & compact […]