Quarantine Concierge Service Hub

Click here to view all information and rules regarding our concierge service.
If you are using for this service for first time, we highly recommend you start here to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions. You will also need to register by texting Bob at 0408 687 109 with your Full Name & Address.
Quarantine Concierge Information

Submit your plants here with this submission form.
Concierge Plant Submit Form
When using this form, please remember to submit your final & completed list of plants on time before our sending dates mentioned below. Please ensure all your plants arrive before the submit date! Otherwise they will have to be sent on the next shipment.

Tasmania, Western Australia & Northern Territory Sending Dates
March 10th (Form must be submitted before 2nd March 2PM QLD Time)
March 31st (Form must be submitted before 23rd March 2PM QLD Time)
April 21st (Form must be submitted before 13th April 2PM QLD Time)
May 12th (Form must be submitted before 4th May 2PM QLD Time)
June 2nd (Form must be submitted before 25th May 2PM QLD Time)
June 23rd (Form must be submitted before 15th June 2PM QLD Time)

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