Requests for export orders are welcome

If you require only a few plants you will find the costs are too high to justify the expense.

Before you contact us please read below (Questions You Need to Answer) as minimum orders apply & there are costs for red tape for many Countries.

If an Import License is required. It is your job to get it from your Government Authorities. It will specify what we have to do with your plants & what documents are required for us to send to you.


Questions You Need to Answer – It is no use emailing us unless you can advise us:

1/ What documentation does your country’s Government Agencies require for you to import plants or rhizomes.

a) If Import License is required
What are the Conditions on the Import License for you to import plants?
Is a Phytosanitary Certificate included in the Conditions? If it is required, this will add approximately AUD$300 to your costs.

b) If Import License is not required
If the Import License is not needed, then what documentation is required?
Please note some countries require no documentation but you must be sure as plant material can be confiscated on arrival if documentation is not adequate. Sometimes we are requested to send plants without declaring they are plants on the consignment note. This is illegal and we will not do that.

2/ Do you require a CITES Certificate?
ie Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Endangered species will probably require this.

3/ Have you checked with your Government Agencies that the answers to 1/ above is correct.

4/ International Air Freight & Forwarding on to you through Customs are quite expensive. Do you have an air carrier in mind or do you require a quote. Please note we need to know the quantity & type of you order to give an estimate of your freight costs. Also physical weight & cubic capacity are key to air freight costs… the smaller the plants/rhizomes the less the cost of freight.

5/ Due to the red tape required in an international order.
The Minimum Order that can be entertained is:
a) Phytosanitary Certificate Required AUD$3000…..plant component only
b) No Phytosanitary Certificate Required AUD$1500…..plant component only

Please answer these questions in an email to us before we proceed to the next step.


Examples of Some Countries Recent Requirements (Last checked in 2015) ….Please check if it’s up to date!

We have started a list for some Countries to give you an idea….you will still have to check with your countries Department of Agriculture as Government requirements changes from time to time. It is your job to check as it is impossible for us to keep up to date with the details for every country.

European Union including UK, USA, Canada – Import Permit Required, Phytosanitary Certificate Required, Government Inspection Required, Plants need to be Barerooted fastidiously & Treated, CITES Certificate for Some Species, Declaration on Consignment Note of Plant Species & Value.

Thailand – No Documenation Required except declaration on Consignment Note of Plant Species & Value.

Christmas Island – Import License with Conditions.

If your country has no import documentation. Let us know as it is very to send plants to you.