Tip of the Week – Focus on Ill Health Prevention

Annona muricata soursopDid you know all medicines come from plant extracts. The power of the plant is not improved by the various heat treatments and chemical processes they go through to become tablets …but they are greatly changed. Why did the pharmaceutical laboratory choose that plant…its because of its track record in Chinese & Indian communities over long periods of time.

Why is the plant not proven in a clinical trial?

Because no one except the big pharma can afford the trials.. There is no money for them in trialing the plant is there? This is completely understandable. Its governments that should be doing the trials not business.

Use your medicinal plants for Prevention.

Why not use your plants for protection from disease. This makes more sense than waiting to catch a disease.


The most obvious one is to eat 2-3 Gumby Gumby leaves and a Soursop (Graviola) leaf every day in the hope of warding off cancer.. I stick them in my nutriblast machine every day or two. These two have been proven to kill cancer cells in the laboratory.

Will they Prevent Cancer?

No one knows…but if the pharma labs are trying to use them…it must be a chance.

Not only Cancers… all Ill Health.

There are so many diseases related to diet. We are told to eat veges and fruits. But we also need to look for the powerful anti oxidants because oxidation processes cause much disease. And we should be looking for immuno-stimulants and a good source of minerals.

Soil Health…Grow Your Own

Plants including your herbs, veges and fruit can only produce the minerals, anti oxidants and immuno suppressants in their leaf and fibre if the basic building blocks in the form of minerals & trace elements are in the soil from which they are grown. If the soil is depleted from continual cropping the minerals and trace elements will not be there!! They cannot be replaced with a straight NPK fertiliser. The answer is to grow your own.

How Many?

We often scratch our heads when someone buys one Edible Ginger Plant. When they eat it, they have to destroy the plant. With these you need to buy at least 6-7 plants…so you end up with a patch you can harvest from. Others like Soursop (Graviola) you would need 3 or 4.

Health List

Here is a list of some of our increasing range of plants with a note on their health value. Please look them up…ask the experts. We just grow them for you! Gumbi Gumbi-cancer & auto immune, Soursop (Graviola), Galangal – Turmeric – Cancer & More, Edible Ginger- Nausea, Arthritis & more, Mushroom Plant – High Iron & Calcium, Acerola High Vit C, Tulsi, Ashwaganda, Neem, Moringa (Horseradish).

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