Tip of the Week – Gardeners Back & How to Cure It

We have done a Tip of the Week on this Previously.
This will be updated soon as we have done more study and trials.
Here is a fantastic simple exercise for lower back pain typically caused by discs out of alignment in some way. This comes from Dr Stephen T Changs book called ‘The Complete System of Self Healing..Internal Exercises’ by Tao Publishing. You can order it online. This stuff works and there are simple healing exercises for most problems and diseases. It is about both prevention and cure. For twenty odd dollars why not try it!

So here is one to do….I do 3 simple exercises for my lower back which like many people has a slipped disc (spondylothesis). Do it when you get up in the morning, after you have been in a stationary or compromising position.

Now if this is too simple for you go to a chiropractor by all means!!
All you do is stand facing the west(!), with your feet shoulder width apart and with your toes pointed inwards a little. Then focusing on your hand slowly lift your arm until it is verticle above your head. Hold it there a few seconds focusing on your hand & feeling the gentle straightening on your spine. Let the arm down slowly back to your side.

Then do the other arm the same way. Repeat each arm say 7 times or as many times as you like. Of course this does not work for everyone but in the next tip of the week we will give you the other two. The thing is to do these exercises daily to help keep your spine in painless alignment.

When out of alignment your muscles will try and compensate and get out of balance causing painful muscle spasms….including pain like sciatica. There is multitudes more in this book….probably the best investment you could ever make.