Medinilla scortechinii – Orange Medinilla


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….Rare and Unusual Medinilla!…


(50cmAbcD) Medinilla scortechinii
Spectacular medium Medinilla with upright bright orange 3cm flowers. The flowers present on coral like stems that are also bright orange! Something different and this arrangement lasts for months. Attractive medium pointed green foliage. This extraordinary plant provides lots of branchlets for these rare flowers. Has epipytic tendancies…so can grow on a tree or in a pot. Amazing indoors indoors in bright light. Native of the Phillipines. We are finding this plant quite cold hardy down to 5oC here and is suitable to all frost free climates, otherwise very sheltered inside in winter. Well drained soil…..don’t overwater. Shade or filtered light. One per Customer!

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