Hoya liddleana


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…Our Crinkle Hoya named a New Rare Species…


(Vine*,**RfAbcD) This is a rare Hoya I collected in the Milne Bay area Papua New Guinea in 5-6 years back. Named recently in honour of Iris Liddle & David Liddle (Late)….famous hoya pioneers. The huge ribbed flowers are maroon and cream centred in clusters of 3 or more. It has quite long and thickish pointed crinkled leaves which may take a while to fully develop..Likes bright light under light shade and grows quickly here in Nambour. Hardy at least to 4oC. Recently verified by QLD. Herbarium. Max. Two Per Customer!

…..Priced at $25.00 each
PS We have sold a few of these when initially collected as Hoya Sp. ‘Macgillivrayi Type Crinkle Leaf’. If you got this plant from us you have Liddleana.

(Photo taken by Martin Thearle)