Acacia victoriae – Gundabluey



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…Unusual Inland Wattle…


(3-6mEdABcD) Acacia victoriae
Becomes covered in strongly scented yellow powderpuff flowers from August to late December. Blue foliage in feathers and flattened on the same plant. This inland wattle is very hardy to drought and clay or sandy soils. Keep pruned for a n unusual hedge. Also known as Elegant Wattle it has pretty 2cm spines used by small mammals and birds as protection from larger predators. The seeds are a good food source for them and are also being used as a new lovely flavor for coffee-like beverages, essences, beer, baking, confectionery, dairy & sweets.(Source Aust Bush Food). Large plants in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $5.90 each or 3 for $14.90

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Acacia victoriae: $5.90, Acacia victoriae x 3: $14.90