Sarcotoechia serrata – Fern Leaved Tamarind



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…Gorgeous Foliage….Outdoors, Indoor or Bonsai…


(1-4m**RfAbcD) Sarcotoechia serrata
Pink new growth on these fern like leaves make this a stunning feature from this small rainforest tree. Blooms in autumn with these small pea sized yellow flowers which are then followed by these yellow seed pods that split to reveal several red seeds. Native to NE QLD and New Guinea. Well drained soil. Slow growing up to 6 meters but requires shelter from strong wind and protection from frost. Good in a pot indoors or as a large bonsai. Can be kept small in a pot. Part shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each or 3 for $27

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Sarcotoechia serrata: $9.90, Sarcotoechia serrata x 3: $27