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Dypsis decaryii

(6mABcD) Dypsis decaryii
An amazing fast growing palm tree. Spectacular grey green foliage. Produces yellow and green flowers followed by black berries. Blooms all year in suitable climates. Native to Madagascar. Water regularly. Prefers sandy soil. Avoid poor draining clay soil and overwatering. Not suitable for rainy climates. Drought tolerant. Full sun to part shade.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $23


Licula grandis

(3mAbcD) Licuala grandis is one of the most sought after palms with its large bright green fan leaves, up to one metre across and a very attractive growth habit on a single trunk. Good in landscaping, in a tub and indoors if kept warm and moist but not overly so.Native to New Britain and New Hebrides and is best grown north of Coffs Harbour NSW or equivalent, otherwise you need a protected and very warm spot in winter. Shade or part shade.These are four leaf plants 300mm tall, sent in 75mm diameter pots.

…..Priced at $29 each


howea forsteriana

(5mABCDE) Howea fosteriana. This is the worlds most popular plam that can be grown inside or out. They are commonly found at the best hotels and motels throughout the world. A beautiful palm. It has a large crown with dark green distinctive arching fronds. Takes all frostfree climates except Tablelands. Takes full sun or shade and windy coastal exposed conditions.These are large plants 400mm tall in 75mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each
NB Originally there were 4 species of Palm marketed as Kentias from Lord Howe Island. Howea forsteriana is the only one currently marketed.

All 3 Palms for $49

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All 3 Palm Trees (D. decaryii, L. grandis, & H. fosteriana): $49, Dypsis decaryii: $8.90, Dypsis decaryii x 3: $23, Licuala grandis: $29, Howea fosteriana: $12.90

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