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Licuala ramsayii
(6m**AbcD) Licuala ramsayii is a very attractive native Fan Palm from Nth QLD and New Guinea. It is the most cold tolerant of the Licualas and can be grown in warm situations in Southern Australia. This one has big one metre pleated fan leaves and a single trunk that can grow to six metres high. Attractive red fruit. It is also suited to pot culture. These plants are 4 leaf and 200mm tall.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (180 Parries)


Pritchardia pacifica

(15mABCDE) Pritchardia pacifica is a very attractive fan Palm. It is native to Tonga, Fiji and Samoa. Also grown on the Hawaiian Islands at 1500m altitude and is reasonably cold tolerant if given a protected position. Big bright green fan shaped fronds. This is a medium sized palm with a solitary ringed trunk. These are 3 leaf plants 200mm tall in 75mm pots.

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…Great Indoors…


Ptychosperma elegans indoor
(6m**AD) Ptychosperma elegans is an extremely attractive clumping palm, native to Queensland. It is a Feather Palm with clumping, slender, grey ringed trunks topped with a green crownshaft. The attractive ‘cutoff leaves’ are a feature. Cream flowers are followed by bunches of bright red fruit. South of Coffs harbour NSW or equivalent you will need a warm protected suntrap in a frostfree coastal area. Good in a pot. Full sun or shade. These plants are 4 leaf and 350mm tall in a 70mm pot.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)

All 3 Palms for $37

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All 3 Palm Trees (L. ramsayii, P. pacifica, & P. elegans): $37, Licuala ramsayii: $12.90, Pritchardia pacifica: $15.90, Ptychosperma elegans: $12.90

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