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(60cmAbcD) Capsicum sp.
I bought this plant at the famous Nambour Garden Expo 2 years back for $35. So it is something special but my Brush Turkeys stole the tag and the inscription on the pot wore off to my disbelief. So we will have no ID for a while! So if you wish to take a punt you will get good value here. Native to the Caribbean & South America. Chilli heat, flavour and flora aroma has made it popular in sauces and spicy foods. Small multibranched rounded shrubs. Thrive in warm to hot weather. Freezing weather ends the growing season and kills the plant, but otherwise they are perennials which grow all year, slowing in colder weather. Full sun. Double planted in 75mm pots.

…..Priced at $8.90 each or 3 for $23

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Mystery Chilli: $8.90, Mystery Chilli x 3: $23

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