Hylocereus undatus – Pink Dragonfruit Cuttings


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…Unusual Cactus..Huge Delicious Fruit…


(4.5mAbcD) Hylocereus undatus. Also known as Pitaya & Strawberry Pear. Hylocereus undatus is a weird climbing cactus with large delicious edible pink fruit (1kg) with pink flesh. Its huge white fragrant flowers are 30cm across in late spring and summer. They appear only during the night! The huge fruit are juicy and absolutely delicious. They are grown commercially for fruit in Vietnam and South America. This cactus will climb up a wall or a tree and quickly develops multiple trunks. Vivid green three cornered stems. Will grow in desert but easy to grow elsewhere. Needs winter protection in cooler areas. Full sun or bright light. These cuttings are 15cm long. Sent Loose.

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