Houttuynia cordata – Vap Ca



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….Unusual Herb Tonic….


(30cmFABCD) Houttuynia cordata
Vap Ca is revered as a tonic tea and for other medicinal purposes. Amongst others for those low in energy and unwell. This is an Asian herb with a fish aroma. The leaves are used raw and cooked to flavour meat and savoury dishes, soups etc. Attractive heart shaped dark green leaves. Grows as a groundcover from underground runners and will grow in shade or full sun with moisture.

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Extra Information on Vap Ca. This plant has an impressive list and is reported good for many, many ailments and good health. Includes essential fatty acids, powerful antioxidants and amino acids and more! Acts as an anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial agent, also anti inflamatory and reported good for rheumatism.

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