Encephalartos kisambo


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Encephalartos kisambo

(2.5mABCD) Found in its natural state on only two solitary rocky hills in Southern Kenya. In Conservation terms they are accorded the highest Category of Protection in Kenya and until recently was unknown in cultivation. This is one of the fastest growing and most ornamental of the Encephalartos Cycads. With outstanding appeal the fronds are to 3m and new foliage is lime green. Eventually the trunk grows to 2.5m with up to twelve of them clumping. Both male and female cones are up to 60cm long and coloured from yellow to orange. They occur in cool mist forest at 900m elevation, and can handle conditions cooler (mild) and moister than most Cycads. Will grow well in southern coastal frostfree climates, as well as all the warmer climates. Two leaf plants in 75mm pots. Full sun.

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