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(2mEdABcD) Solanum melongena. We have 3 variety of eggplants here. They are;

Rosa bianca

Solanum melongena Rosa Bianca

Rounded eggplant this creamy white with purple streaks. Mild flavour.

Golden Egg

Solanum melongena Golden Egg

White rounded eggplant that matures when yellow.

Thai Round Green

Solanum melongena Thai Round Green Eggplant

Rounded green eggplant with white streaks.

These are relatives of the tomato and potato it is delicious in casseroles and baked Middle Eastern dishes and salads, this is a tasty useful vegetable. This is an annual which reproduces easily by seed and is suited to all climates but the coldest tablelands. Full sun.

…..Priced at $6.90 each or 3 for $17.90

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All 3 Eggplants (Rosa bianca, Golden Egg & Thai Round Green): $17.90, Rosa bianca: $6.90, Rosa bianca x 3: $17.90, Golden Egg: $6.90, Golden Egg x 3: $17.90, Thai Round Green: $6.90, Thai Round Green x 3: $17.90

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