Dracaena draco – Dragon Blood Tree


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…Hard to Get Unusual Plant…


(8m ABCD) Dracaena draco. This is a hard to get collectors plant. The bare branching trunk is a real curiosity, set off with its strange foliage arrangement on top. The trunk oozes a red resin and hence the name Dragon’s Blood. The flowers are white in large panicles and the fruit are orange berries. Native to the Canary Islands it can attain a height of 20m in its native area – it would probably take two hundred years to attain this height as it is not a fast grower. The trunk can grow to four metres thick! In Australia it is better known to grow as a tall shrub. Frost tender. Full sun. 75mm diameter pots.

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PS Always keep these tight rooted..Do not overpot & give excellent drainage.