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…Very Elegant & Colourful…


Dypsis leptocheilos

(6mAbcD) Dypsis leptocheilos. Very handsome ringed trunked Dypsis with a velvet red wine crownshaft. Graceful arching green fronds. Easy to take care of. Grows south of Sydney coastal NSW out of the frost. Great indoors in a well lit position. Native to Madagascar. These are 4 leafed and 25cm tall out of 75mm pots.

…..Priced at $9.90 each or 3 for $25

…Shade & Indoors…


Chamaedorea seifrizii

(3mAbcD) Chamaedorea seifrizii. This is an extremely attractive small clumping palm. This is a hardy and strong growing palm from Mexico & Central America. Bamboo Palm is a densely clustering little palm which will eventually develop into a clump about 2m wide. Narrowish arching fronds with short dense and dark green feather leaves. The bright orange fruits are another feature. This one is not commonly available and is one of the most attractive palms imaginable. Most mild climates. Likes shade and good indoors. These are 3 leaf plants 350mm tall, in 75mm pots.

…..Priced at $8.90 (160 parries) or 3 for $23

…Great Indoors…


Ptychosperma elegans indoor
(6m**AD) Ptychosperma elegans is an extremely attractive clumping palm, native to Queensland. It is a Feather Palm with clumping, slender, grey ringed trunks topped with a green crownshaft. The attractive ‘cutoff leaves’ are a feature. Cream flowers are followed by bunches of bright red fruit. South of Coffs harbour NSW or equivalent you will need a warm protected suntrap in a frostfree coastal area. Good in a pot. Full sun or shade. These plants are 4 leaf and 350mm tall in a 70mm pot.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (200 Parries)

Get All 3 for $28

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All 3 Palm Trees (Dypsis leptocheilos, Chamaedorea seifrizii & Ptychosperma elegans): $28, Dypsis leptocheilos: $9.90, Dypsis leptocheilos x 3: $25, Chamaedorea seifrizii: $8.90, Chamaedorea seifrizii x 3: $23, Ptychosperma elegans: $12.90

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