Codiaeum variegatum ‘aureo-maculatum’ – Croton Speckled



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….Garden Colour All Year….


(1.5mAD) Codiaeum variegatum ‘aureo-maculatum’ is a green leaf foliage plant with yellow speckles. With long broadish leaves about 2cm wide. Crotons are from the Pacific slands and South-East Asia and need warmth. If down south bring it inside in winter near a sunny window. Provide nice contrast in the garden in warm areas. Full sun or shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $25

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Codiaeum variegatum 'aureo-maculatum': $9.90, Codiaeum variegatum 'aureo-maculatum' x 3: $25