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Caladium bicolour ‘Deep Red Centre’

Caladium bicolour ‘Deep Red Centre’

This one has a wide deep red centre on a large leaf. Caladiums are tubers originally from Brazil grown for their brilliant foliage. Displaying a variable attractive hooded white flower this is one of natures marvels..Caladiums like warm conditions and reemerge from winter when the soil is warm in later spring. Ideal plant for use in patio boxes, window sills or as border plants. Can grow in cool areas as they are dormant when cold. Like shade but if you are careful you can grow a nice specimen in full sun….morning or late afternoon sun is safest. Leaves are long lasting in floral arrangement.

Caladium bicolour ‘Deep Pink Centre’

Caladium bicolour ‘Deep Pink Centre’

This one has a wide deep pink centre on a large leaf.

Caladium bicolour x ‘Carolyn Wharton’

Caladium Carolyn Wharton 1

Gorgeous large leaved hybrid. Big leaf. Red veined, pink camouflaged pattern in the centre fading out to green.

Each Caladium at $12.90 each (200 Parries)
Or Get All 3 Caladiums for $33

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All 3 Caladiums (Deep Red, Deep Pink & Carolyn Wharton): $33, Caladium bicolour 'Deep Red Centre': $12.90, Caladium bicolour 'Deep Pink Centre': $12.90, Caladium bicolour x 'Carolyn Wharton': $12.90

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