Brachychiton rupestris – Queensland Bottle Tree



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(8m** FABCD) Brachychiton rupestris is a very unusual & interesting tree from QLD with the big fat bottle shaped trunk. The adult leaves are long and narrow to 10cm in length. Can form a bottle trunk in 8 years in Sydney. Requires well drained situation. Frost & drought resistant. Great Bonsai. All climates. Full sun. These are sent in 75mm pots.

….Priced at $9.90 (180 parries) or 3 for $23

PS Roma in Qld is famous for its 93 magnificent Bottle Trees lining the entry into town. One for every fallen local hero from WW1. Planted by 1920.

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Brachychiton rupestris: $9.90, Brachychiton rupestris x 3: $23


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