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Calathea fasciata

(35cmAbcD) This is a highly colourful and decorative little foliage plant with huge glossy round mid to dark green leaves, marked with bright green stripes running parallel along the veins with a thin dark green line in the centre of those bright green stripes. The leaves have a maroon underside. Like other Calatheas may die back in winter if subjected to a long cold period. Keep it drier at this time. This is a gorgeous clumping indoor plant, native to South America. Like warmth and humidity and make a nice house plant or in the garden in the sub-tropics and warmer. Filtered light.Sent in 75mm diameter pots.
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calathea zebrina

(40cmAbcD) Calathea zebrina
syn.Maranta zebrina. A foliage plant with deep green velvet leaves, marked with bold stripes along the veins. The spring flowers appear in a cluster in chocolate brown bracts. Likes warmth and humidity. Makes a nice house plant or garden plant in sub-tropics or warmer areas. Filtered light. Sent in 75mm pots.
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