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Alocasia baginda

(1.5mAbcD) Alocasia baginda. Very attractive and striking house plant! Emerald green in the recesses of the veins and then to a bright pale lime green on each ‘scale’. Easy to grow. Excellent indoor plant, can be planted outdoors as long it’s kept in a shady position. Prefers well drained soil. Indirect bright light. 75mm pots.

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Alocasia cuprea

(50cmABCD) Alocasia cuprea. Dark green arrow shaped leaves can either be green or red tinged and will have a plastic like appearance! Leaves can grow up to nearly a metre! Growing to about 60cm on a stout branching stem. Great on a coffee table or the like. Will go back in cooler winter areas if you leave it out in the cold but comes back better than ever. Loves shade and part shade. Good indoors. Sent in 75mm diameter pots.

….Priced at $12.90 each


Alocasia 'Purple Knight'

(60cmAbcD) Alocasia ‘Purple Knight’
Lovely soft light green foliage..growing to 60cm. Dramatic lime green veins jumping at you from its green arrow shaped leaves. Purple undersides on all the leaves! Bright coloured stems too. Good indoors. Takes low light. Likes warmth and humidity. Outdoors in a warm climate in a well drained soil. Let it dry out a little between waterings. Keep drier in winter. Part shade or bright indirect light. Sent in 75mm diameter pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each (300 Parries)

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All 3 Alocasias (A. baginda, cuprea & 'Purple Knight'): $35, Alocasia baginda: $12.90, Alocasia baginda x 3: $33, Alocasia cuprea: $12.90, Alocasia 'Purple Knight': $12.90