Adenium obseum (40%) Double Yellow/Star Mix Desert Rose Seedlings


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Product Description

…Your Best Chance to Get a Double Yellow or Double Star…


(50cmABCD) Adenium obesum 40% Double Yellow/Star Mix. These hand pollinated plants have been bred to be Double Yellow or Star Mix colours
and patterns by an expert Taiwanese hybidiser. Because these are ‘seedlings’ history shows the chance of being yellow or Star Mix is 40%. Otherwise it will be some other common colour. This is a branching succulent that can also be used in bonsai. Actually likes being rootbound and be careful not to overwater. Dormant in winter when it drops foliage. Use a very coarse mix to keep it on the dry side. Makes an incredible pot specimen. Needs good light in full sun or part shade. The more sun the better. These plants are 20cm tall and sent in the 75mm pots they were grown in.

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