Acronychia imperforata



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….Native Cultivar with Edible Fruit….


(5m**RfEdABCDE) Acronychia imperforata. Produces juicy yellow edible fruit after yellow flowers. Bird attracting. Bright clusters of lemon coloured flowers. Lovely dense, shiny bright green medium sized veined leaves with a tight crown. In its best natural sites can get up to 15m but will grow less in most backyards. Native to rainforest from Seal Rocks NSW to Cape York QLD. Takes salt air. Full sun or shade. Grows 1m wide. Great hedge plant.

….Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries) each or 3 for $27

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Acronychia imperforata: $9.90, Acronychia imperforata x 3: $27

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