Stenocarpus angustifolius ‘Doreen’


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(5mRf**ABCDe) Stenocarpus angustifolius ‘Doreen’. Amazing fern like foliage. This is one of the most spectacular rainforest shrubs to 5m tall. Speccy large clusters of curly creamy white flowers. Each flower is up to 10cm across. They are like the spokes of a wheel. Attracts nectar feeding birds. It is native to rainforests from Nambucca in Nth NSW to the Atherton Tableland in Nth Qld. Hardy and moderately fast growing in all soil types. It will tolerate moderate frost and is suited to cool areas as well as warm. It can also be pruned and kept small or in a pot for indoor use. These are large plants 350mm tall in 75mm pots.

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