Prumnopitys ladei – Mount Spurgeon Black Pine



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…Rare, Hard to Get & Gorgeous…


(10m**RfABcD) Prumnopitys ladei has unique flattened dark foliage which presents itself in flat layers to you. It always attracts peoples attention. This is a proven indoor plant that adapts well to dark and cooler conditions. These are more an heirloom piece with its rarity in nature its slow growing disposition and longevity. Grows beautifully in a pot and eventually larger pot and their growth is held back under these conditions. Fleshy blue fruit at any time of year. This is a rare species from highland country of NE QLD. Shade.

…..Priced at $9.90 each or 3 for $27

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Prumnopitys ladei: $9.90, Prumnopitys ladei x 3: $27