Acmena hemilampra – Broad Leaved Lilly


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……..Absolutely Gorgeous Foliage…..


PILLY (7m**Rf Fm EdAbcD) Acmena hemilampra. The shiny permanently bronzed outer foliage stands out from a distance in this handsome small tree. White fluffy flowers & succulent & ornamental white edible fruit. Its dark shiny mature leaves are paler on the back where it gets its name; hemi= half and lampre=shiny. They have flushes of pink new growth which bronzes with age. Fluffy white flowers in spring. Forms a buttress with age. Native to rainforest from Nthn NSW to Cape York. Grows happily in cool climates if frosts are only light. A handsome bushy garden plant and good in a tub and indoors when young. Full sun to shade.

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