Aloe vera



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….Juice this Plant and Drink for Health….


syn. Aloe barbadensis (80cmABCDE)
……Medicine chest in a plant! Did you realise you can juice this amazing plant and drink for your health.

This is the most remarkably useful herbal plant of all time.
Shop made concoctions may do a bit but you need the 100% juice to really do the job.
Has 100 active constituents called phytonutrients that mend your body.

Great externally for: Abrasions, Ulcers, Acne Itches and a lot more.
Internally for Ulcers, Blood Sugar,Hydration, Sexual performance, Digestive Health.
Once you have a few they will multiply and you can farm them.

…..Priced at $ 9.90 each or 3 for $15.90

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Barerooted Aloe vera: $5.90, Barerooted Aloe vera x 3: $15.90, Potted Aloe vera: $9.90, Aloe vera: $9.90, Aloe vera x 3: $15.90