Back Country Blend Boost



Product Description

Green Planet Backcountry Blend is a granular, controlled release, complete spectrum fertilizer, designed for either top dressing or incorporated into the potting soil. Backcountry Blend features True-Cote Technology. This allows the unique micronutrients to disperse evenly over the entire fertilized area,resulting in a more even absorption of micronutrients to the plant.

Our custom blended formula is designed to neutralize acidic soils, prevent nutrient lockout and deficiencies. Backcountry Blend will bring most soils into the correct pH range. Our unique humic acid blend is designed to improve soil consistency, microbial activity, water retention, natural chelation and will break down heavy soil. It is dust-free and the only formula on the market to contain these added benefits. Available in grow, bloom and boost formulations.

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Back Country Blend Boost 100g: $3.90 (Shipped with your Order), Back Country Blend Boost 5kg: $79 (Drop Shipped to you), Back Country Blend Boost 10kg: $139 (Drop Shipped to you)

Important Note: This Product will be shipped direct from the supplier to you.