Alocasia brisbanensis – Native Cunjevoi Lily


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(1.5m*,**RfAbcD) Alocasia brisbanensis (formerly A.macrorrhiza) is an attractive native evergreen Elephant Ear with glossy green large spade shaped leaves up to one metre long. The stem is thick and stout. Produces beautifully perfumed arum like green-cream flowers in summer. Bright red berries are in crowded clusters on its terminal spikes. This is a lovely evergreen plant growing from a tuber. Grows as understory in Nthn NSW to NE Qld Rainforest along watercourses where it spreads from its fleshy rhizomes. Tolerates wet and poorly drained soils but this is not a requirement. Makes an excellent indoor and tub plant in more than half shade in a frostfree garden or pot situation.

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