Syngonium Pixie



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…Striking Miniature Syngonium…


(10cmAbcD) Your attention will be ensured when you see this attractive miniature with small heart shaped leaves that are beautifully marked in highly contrasting cream and green. Compact and naturally clumping this one is easy to grow in a well lit warm position. Great in pots, window boxes, window sills and terraniums. This is a striking house plant that will also do fine in the garden outdoors in warm areas. Syngoniums are one of the most hardy of houseplants and can take considerable drying out and should not be kept overly wet. Shade.

…..Priced at $5.90 each 3 for $14.90

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Syngonium Pixie: $5.90, Syngonium Pixie x 3: $14.90