Caladium Collection of 2



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Caladium Collection of 2

Caladiums are brilliant variably coloured and marked foliage plants that die back to a bulb in winter. We have just cut these plants back as they were too tall to send. So they will be quickly reshooting. They are;

Caladium Red Heart

Caladium Red Heart

Strong red in the heart of the leaf.

Caladium ‘Angels Touch’

Pretty mixture of pastel colours.

Take shade or full sun (with moisture). If you plant outside in the garden it may be best to pull them up for winter as you could lose the bulbs in prolonged wet weather. Otherwise keep in a pot and keep the dormant bulbs on the barely moist side over winter. Sent in 70mm pots.

…..Priced at $12.90 each Or both Caladiums for $23

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Both Caladiums: $23, Caladium Red Heart: $12.90, Caladium 'Angels Touch': $12.90, Mystery Caladium: $12.90

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