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Our Bamboo Pots come from Bamboo grown here at Paradise in Nambour.
They have a base about 4cm from the bottom. The base is the natural division between the culms. We have not put drainage holes in the base as water will slowly drain anyway and this might be better. In any case a drainage hole is so simple to make with the light push of a screwdriver. If you decided you want to sit the pot in a container to collect or hold water the 4cm base allows an air space to humidify and absorb up but not to saturate the plant itself. Your plant comes in a separate temporary plastic pot…just repot it into the Bamboo Pot. The Bamboo Pot comes full of Coco Peat Fibre for you to use. Most plants love this material.

Vriesea in Bamboo Pot
Priced at $19 each
(Vriesea glutinosa)

Cryptanthus in Bamboo Pot
Priced at $19 each
(Cryptanthus Sunshine)

Chamaedorea atrovirens

Palm in Bamboo Pot
Priced at $19 each
(Chamaedorea atrovirens)

Philodendron Silver Sword

Philodendron in Bamboo Pot
Priced at $99 each
(Philodendron Silver Sword)

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Vriesea in Bamboo Pot: $19, Cryptanthus in Bamboo Pot: $19, Palm in Bamboo Pot: $19, Philodendron in Bamboo Pot: $99, Maidenhair in Bamboo Pot: $29

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