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….A Collectors Must…Rare Variety….


(1m**ABCD) Drynaria rigidula cv. whitei. This rare form specially selected from the Glasshouse Mountains years back… ….it throws new fronds right through the warm months and holds more foliage than other types which are also rare!! ie Rarest of the Rare! An unusual basket fern with big wide frilly arching fronds to 1m long and short erect nest leaves. Native to Nth NSW and QLD. Easily grown in a pot or hanger in a well drained mix. Full sun or shade. These are big plants 50cm tall plus in 130mm pots full of rhizome.

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An Email from a Customer

I was gifted one of the above ferns several months ago, and since repotting and lots of love…it is thriving.
Was just wondering if you can tell me a little more about this plant…and what are the beautiful fronds that are growing around the bottom. See attached photos.

Drynaria whitei customer

Reply from Bob

I take it this is one of our Drynaria rigidula ‘Whitei’ because that’s how ours look once potted up.
This is a rare and very sought after form of Drynaria rigidula ..The basket fern.
Those unusual basal fronds form the edge of the basket. This is a deciduous fern which comes from around the glasshouse Mountains QLD. It grows in open forest on rocky locations and this fern will take some sun…. at least morning sun.
As I said Whitei is a rare form but this particular cultivar is rarer again due to its habit of continually throwing new fronds throughout the warm seasons of the year…. where as Whitei normally only throws the initial set.
Congratulations on scoring this magnificent plant and the care you are giving it.


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