Asplenium australisicum ‘Broad Crested’ Birdsnest Fern



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(1m**RfABCD) Asplenium australisicum ‘Broad Crested’ is an absolutely gorgeous cultivar with very unusual crested fronds. The crests at the frond ends are a full 30cm wide! Glossy bright green radiating fronds. Will grow in your garden or rockery and can be grown indoors in good light. Very hardy to most adverse conditions. Full to semi shade.

…..Priced at $12.90 (180 Parries) each or 3 for $34

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This fern is full…. in a 100mm diameter pot and is about 150mm tall out of the pot.

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A. australisicum 'Broad Crested': $12.90, A. australisicum 'Broad Crested' x 3: $34

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