Angiopteris evecta – King Fern


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(3mx7m**RfAbCD) Angiopteris evecta is rare to extinct in its Nthn NSW Tweed Range and is found now only in rare isolated occurrences in Qld and the Carnarvon Range in Nth Qld. The largest (not the tallest) of the Australian Ferns with fronds growing to up to 7m long and reputedly the largest fronds in the world (Jones 1976). This magnificent Fern develops a short massive rounded trunk, with ear like lobes near the growing tip. Likes a warm shady sheltered position away from frost with well drained soil and an abundance of water although can take drying out more than most ferns. There are a few nice specimen growing in Melbourne gardens and large ones are worth thousands of dollars in the correct market. These are sent in 100mm pots.

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PS. You can go on a guided tour of a wild speciman on Fraser Island or at Carnarvon Gorge in QLD.

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