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 artocarpus heterophyllus

Jack Fruit

(7mEdAbcD) Artocarpus heterophyllus. The fruit is huge even on a small tree. It is seldom less than than 25cm up to 50cm in diameter and up to36kg in weight. The pulp & seeds are edible. Is eaten raw (mild pineapple taste). Takes light frost. Full sun.
….Priced at $14.90 each (500 Parries) or 3 for $39

Garcinia intermedia

Bakupari Tree

(4mEdFmABCD) Rheedia brasiliensis. Unique plant with narrow shiny foliage that will provide you with a pleasant aromatic tasting fruit. The fruit is a 3-4cm long smooth skinned fruit! Full sun but will take shade in the tropics.
…..$12.90 each (180 Parries) or 3 for $29

Chrysophyllum cainito

Star Apple

(5mEdAbcD) Chrysophyllum cainato. Very tasty round purple fruit from the phillippines. The fruit is about 7cm across. This is a lovely rounded tree with attractive foliage that is gold underleaf. Flowers in spring. Full sun
…..$12.90 each (200 Parries) or 3 for $29


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Full Package: $35.00, Artocarpus heterophyllus: $14.90, Artocarpus heterophyllus x 3: $39, Rheedia brasiliensis: $12.90, Rheedia brasiliensis x 3: $29, Chrysophyllum cainato: $12.90, Chrysophyllum cainato x 3: $29, Psidium littorale 'Red Giant' x 3: $23

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