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Ocimum gratissimum

Holy Basil

(2mABCD) Ocimum gratissimum widely used both in cooking for flavouring. A robust plant it grows as perennial so long as it is protected and warm in winter. Native to India and Africa. Can be grown as a container plant. Full sun.
…..$12.90 each (150 Parries) or 3 for $29

Hylocereus undatus pink fruit

Pink Dragonfruit Cuttings

(4.5mEdAbcD) Hylocereus undatus. Delicious juicy pink fleshed and skin edible fruit! Needs winter protection. Full sun or bright light. These are cuttings.
…..Priced at $5.90 for each cutting

Passiflora 'Panama Red'

Panama Red Passionfruit

(VEdABcD) Passiflora ‘Panama Red’. Delicious extra sweet red pulp. Crops heavily from autumn to spring with a little moisture & fertiliser. Suitable for trellis, fence and pergola. For warm sunny positions. Sent in 75mm diameter pots.
Full sun…Priced at $9.90 (180 Parries) or 3 for $27


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Full Package: $26.00, Ocimum gratissimum: $12.90, Ocimum gratissimum x 3: $29, Hylocereus undatus Cuttings: $5.90, Averrhoa carombola x 3: $25, Passiflora 'Panama Red': $9.90, Passiflora 'Panama Red' x 3: $27

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