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Vap Ca

Houttuynia cordata

(30cmFABCD) Houttuynia cordata. Revered as a tonic tea and for other medicinal purposes. Asian herb with a fish aroma. The leaves are used raw and cooked to flavour meat and savoury dishes, soups etc. Will grow in shade or full sun with moisture.
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Mushroom Plant

Rungia klossii mushroom plant

(60cmEdABcD) Rungia klossii. Highly nutritious leaves with a mushroom taste about them when cooked. Great in a salad raw or stirfry. High in protein, calcium, iron & Vitamin C. Shade to part sun.
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Curcuma longa turmeric

(70cmEdAD) Curcuma longa. One of the key ingredients for many Asian & Persian dishes such as in curry & more. Used as a powder but also used fresh, much like ginger. Warm conditions but a cold winter will not harm the foliage as it is deciduous. Full sun or shade.
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Full Package (Houttuynia cordata, Rungia klossii & P. phillyreoides): $31.00, Houttuynia cordata: $9.90, Houttuynia cordata x 3: $23, Rungia klossii: $7.90, Rungia klossii x 3: $21, Curcuma longa: $9.90, Curcuma longa x 3: $25

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