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piper betle

Betel Leaf

(80cmEdAD) Piper sarmentosum. Lovely spicy flavoured leaves. Popular in south east Asian cooking, being used raw and cooked. Prefers well composted, moist, well drained soils in a protected, sunny position. Drought and frost tender. A tropical evergreen Requires well drained fertile moist soil. Full sun to part shade.
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Allium chinense

Rakkyo – Asian Onion

(30cmEdAbcD) Allium chinense. The bulb and narrow leaves are eaten raw or cooked. The bulb will have a crisp texture and will taste like onion. The whole plant is astringent, carminative and expectorant. Prefers well drained soil, will tolerate poor soil. Full sun.
…..Priced at $9.90 each or 3 for $25

Malpighia emarginata Pixie

Malpighia Pixie

(1.5mEdAbcD) Malpighia emarginata ‘Pixie’
Attractive red edible berries which are high in Vitamin C being 80 times more concentrated than orange juice! At this stage we have no information on how it will tolerate cold winters but is frost tender. Full sun to part shade.
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