Leptospermum liversidgei ‘BY11’ – Mozzie Blocker



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(1.8m**FmABCDE) Leptospermum liversidgei ‘BY11’
This one has been highly selected and then cloned for high levels of Citronella oil. The vapour from the oil in the foliage saturates the air, greatly reducing mosquito activity. Insect eating birds such as wrens feed on the stunned insects from within the foliage and on the ground. Each plant will provide protection for about 3 m2. Mozzie Blocker has lovely bright green short needle like foliage and responds well to being trimmed. Great as a hedge or in pots around pools and barbeque areas. Gets covered in masses of pink flowers in autumn & spring. Likes moisture. Full to part sun.

…..Priced at $8.90 each (170 Parries) or 3 for $23

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Leptospermum liversidgei: $8.90, Leptospermum liversidgei x 3: $23

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