Tacca integrifolia – Giant White Bat Plant


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…Most Unusual Flowering Plant Of All…


(1mAD) Known also as the White Bat Plant but often have shades of Purple! Tacca integrifolia is probably the most unusual flowering plant of all! Its total weird flower arrangement is about one metre from top to bottom, on a spike, also one metre long. Its top bracts consist of two speccy dorsals usually pure white and each one about 200mm wide. The true flower in the centre is purple and then there are huge whiskers which hang about 600mm below. Will grow outside in a protected shaded position, north of Coffs Harbour NSW. Elsewhere in winter it can be grown in a heated situation or behind glass etc. Night temperature should not be below Zero oC. Easy to grow with care it needs great air circulation & great drainage!! These are smaller plants about 200mm tall in 70mm diameter pots.

…..Priced at $39 each

PS Very hard to get these days…we went 2 years without any new ones germinating or being available anywhere.

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*NB Tacca integrifolia is found naturally in the following countries: Forests, mountain slopes; 800–900 m. SE Xizang (Mdog Xian) [Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, E India, Indonesia, Laos, W Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam].


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