Strongylodon macrobotrys – Jade Vine


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….Worlds Most Spectacular Flowers….


(VAbD) Strongylodon macrobotrys.
It’s colour is unique in the entire world, its flowers are superb & it can be grown in warm areas, outside the tropics. There are few greater rewards than the Jade Vine in full bloom (Macaboy). Its flowers are a soft irredescent Jade blue-green and appear in summer for many months in long hanging racemes of amazing sickle-shaped pea blossoms. This is a flower you need to see to appreciate. The Jade Vine is a strong stemmed, woody, twining creeper with dense glossy dark green leaves. From the Phillipines. Outside the tropics, you will need a warm, sunny, well drained position.North of Coffs Harbour NSW or Geraldton WA only. If you live south of these areas please do not order as we will have to refuse to send this plant to its death.

Pot up from this 70 mm pot to 100mm (do not overpot)  in a very well drained coarse mix with 30% coco peat. Keep in full sun where these gave been grown. Keep moist when its hot and drier in winter. Morning sun to full sun.

……Priced at $39 each. (450 Parries)

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How to Plant & Look After It

The Jade Vine – Strongylodon macrobotrys is one of Natures miracle gifts to us & congratulations for taking on the responsibility of properly caring for it… this is one of our most fragile plants.

For a start it is our worst traveler even with our packaging if the plant does not get to you within 3 days it will suffer….its new growth is paper thin & will dessicate quickly. Please note it is note feasible to send these plants any bigger and they are very big plants for mail order growing over a 35cm ladder!! We do not grow them any bigger and you would be no better off if they were huge. This is a misconception that some people do have.

Here are the main points in Jade Vine Care:

1. When removing the plant from the pot…..DO NOT….DO NOT do it until you understand that if you simply remove the plant from the pot, the special volcanic mix will fall away exposing all the roots. You have probably killed your plant straight away!! Instead cut down all the sides and underneath with scissors so when you place the plant in the ground or in another pot you can move the mix in close to the plant and then gently pull out the cut up plastic. This keeps all the roots in tact.

2. Jade Vine needs a warm climate….if you live south of Coffs Harbour NSW or any frosty area, you are taking a big risk & you ask us we will advise against getting it as we do not like sending any plant to certain death.

3. If you are a novice or person who believes in the self maintaining plant there are plenty of other choices. If you are experienced… it is my experience that some gardeners are about half as clever as they reckon they are!! Not you of course. If you are not highly considerate of plants other choices are better.

4. Once established the Jade Vine is as tough as most plants so don’t worry about that ….it is the establishment phase where you need to be considerate & observant.

5. Best in full sun & these plants have been grown in full sun!! But you may need to put a little temporary shade cloth over the plant if you have stinking hot dry weather with no cloud protection.

6. They must have excellent drainage…..just have a look at the mix they are grown in. As the plant develops it will grow into normal well drained potting mix & it will easily grow into well composted well drained soil conditions.

7. Jade Vine is a precious plant so you could apply a teaspoon of slow release fertiliser (like osmocote plus trace elements)…and apply liquid fertiliser (fish&kelp are good) if you have time every 2-3 weeks when the weather is warm. Use vermicaste if you can …it is brilliant for extra flowering , extra growth & plant resilience to insect attack, disease & weather extremes.

8. Apply mulch around your the planted area for at least 40 cm. This helps to retain soil moisture & keep weeds away as well as adding organic matter to your soil. If in a pot apply some coarse bark to help retain moisture.


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