March – April Anthurium Collection



Product Description

Anthurium RedAnthurium Red
Large brilliant red with unusual sharply pointed flowers.

Anthurium Fantasy Love

Anthurium ‘Fantasy Love’
Large obake type with pink and green tones on white..Recent new Dutch hybrid.

Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance
Pink spadix. White flowers with pink/red tips. Glossy green leaves.

Anthurium Black Queen

Anthurium ‘Black Queen’
Large almost black flowers. Recent new Dutch hybrid.

Anthurium Bugatti Royale

Anthurium Bugatti Royale
Gorgeous large orange-red flowers with a matching spadix.

Mystery Anthuriums
We have numerous anthuriums that only remain in small numbers. We are selling these as Mystery Anthuriums. If you order a Mystery Anthurium it will be a Surprise Plant!

These are all in 70mm pots. Bred for massive flowering, clumping, disease resistance and cold tolerance.
Priced at $12.90 each or 3 for $33 or All 6 for $59

Please mention your choice of 3 Anthuriums in the ”Order Note” box in the checkout process (Just underneath Shipping Address).

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Purchase Options

All 6 Anthuriums: $59, Any 3 Anthuriums: $33, Anthurium Red: $12.90, Anthurium 'Fantasy Love': $12.90, Anthurium Princess Amalia Elegance: $12.90, Anthurium 'Black Queen': $12.90, Anthurium Bugatti Royale: $12.90, Mystery Anthurium: $12.90