Heliconia bihai ‘Kawika’


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(3m) Heliconia bihai ‘Kawika’. Dark orange yellow tipped claws Compact growing. These will take warm frost free temperate conditions & are proven flowerers in Perth WA so will flower at least north of the Sydney-Perthline. Sent as strong rhizomes ready to go in the ground…with sensible preparation. If you do not know what a rhizome is please check with us or read below. These are easy growing hardy varieties. Sent as rhizomes.

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PS Heliconias are sent in the rhizome form. This is the starch filled thickened root tissue from they which they shoot. Once they shoot in warm weather they grow rapidly & the rhizome thickens & expands even more…so the plant gradually expands with the rhizome. These rhizomes are mostly fist to half fist size. Expect long flowering from early summer to late autumn & luxuriant broad tropical foliage.