Globba winitii – Thai Beauty ‘Mauve’


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(1mAbcD) Globba winitii is just so beautiful a Ginger it will stir your imagination to new heights with its long trailing (20cm) mauve or white flowers with protruding gold. The large leaves are a delicate pale green. The overall appearance is sensual and delicate, but this is one tough plant and the flowers last for ages. This is a deciduous perennial plant and the bulbs should be kept warm and dry over winter but they do not rot easily. In spring Thai Beauty will then grow, multiply and flower rapidly for you. From the forests of Thailand it is best suited to shaded areas, patios and indoors. Excellent for pot culture. Because it reshoots in spring after its winter siesta it will be OK in most climates particularly in a pot. Keep moist in a well drained situation but dry in winter. Shade.

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