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(0.3 – 1mABCD) Curcuma species.
Gorgeous free flowering petite gingers that will surprise you every year with their quick flowering in late summer and autumn….in any climate. Each year they multipy… go dormant and then bounce back in spring. Narrowish strappy leaves. Because of their winter dormancy they are protected from the cold. So frost hardy because they are underground at that time of year.
We have 11 curcumas;

Curcuma Anna Paulowna
(0.5m) Pink flowers & green edges.

Curcuma Blue Sky
(0.7m) Blue violet coloured flowers.

Curcuma Candy Stripe
(0.7m) Glossy flowers with pink & green stripes.

Curcuma Coconut Ice
(0.5m) Dark pink flowers with white tips.

Curcuma Exotic Pearl
(0.5m) Hot pink flower with green tips.

Curcuma Pink Pearl
(0.5m) Cream pink flower with white edges.

Curcuma Miss Pearl
(0.3m) Stunning white flower with light pink tinges.

Curcuma Rose Pearl
(0.5m) Dark pink with white/green tips.

Curcuma Thai Beauty Pink
(0.4m) Pink tulip like flowers.

Curcuma Thai Beauty Red
(0.4m) Red flowers.

Curcuma Twister
(0.5m) Twist of pink with white & green edges.

Keep these gingers in a well drained soil. Will need protection from wind. Part shade to full sun. Flowering in 100mm pots.

Priced at $12.90 each or any 3 for $33

Please write down which 3 Curcumas you want into the ‘Order Notes’ underneath Address form on the Checkout page.

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Curcuma Anna Paulowna: $12.90, Curcuma Blue Sky: $12.90, Curcuma Candy Stripe: $12.90, Curcuma Coconut Ice: $12.90, Curcuma Exotic Pearl: $12.90, Curcuma Pink Pearl: $12.90, Curcuma Miss Pearl: $12.90, Curcuma Rose Pearl: $12.90, Curcuma Thai Beauty Pink: $12.90, Curcuma Thai Beauty Red: $12.90, Curcuma Twister: $12.90, Any 3: $33

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